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M.A.C 204SE Lash Brush Gold Ferrule ) - Travel Size

M.A.C 204SE Lash Brush Gold Ferrule ) - Travel Size

$9.99 AUD

Authentic M.A.C 204SE Lash Brush Gold Ferrule ) - Travel Size


For application of mascara products and separating of lashes. 


This brush has synthetic fibres in a spiral pattern simulating a mascara wand design.


The overall length is 12.7 cm
Bristle length is 2.7 cm
MAC SE Brushes vs MAC Full Size Brushes - Must Read Before You Buy
MAC SE brushes look very different to the full size brushes.
MAC SE brushes are made in China, NOT Japan, USA or France. 
"CHINA" is imprinted on the bottom of the SE brushes.
The quality of MAC SE brushes may be lower 
MAC travel-size special edition brush usually have special coloured handles, ferrules, or both.


They display “MAC ***SE” on the handle –


the “SE” after the number stands for “special edition.” 


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